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The toolset for Advanced Energy Management
eliminating unnecessary and expensive energy usage,
keep the business working intelligently.

Assist facilities in evaluating
and prioritising the implementation
of new energy-efficient technologies.

ISO 50001 enabled cloud solution

Continually improving energy management

Workplace Footprint Tracker - Advanced Energy Management


We have a wide range of predefined reports; for example linecharts, leaguetables and out-of-hours usage.

Report Designer

Advanced reporting tool that lets you create complex reports from a set of predefined subreports.


Real time Display Energy Certificate demonstrates the current energy performance level.


Energy initiative prioritisation: Make informed energy efficiency retrofit decisions and increase ROI by identifying the specific inefficiency sources across all systems and all sites using benchmarks automatically derived from your own data. Immediately validate the ROI of any initiative.

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Asset register

All energy related asset information collected into one place. Automatically produces metering schematics.

RAG Energy site maps

Monitor the energy consumption performance from our RAG-enabled site maps.

Building Intelligence

Analyse vast amount of data and pinpoint where you need to take energy saving action.

Advanced workbench

CUSUM, Regression-Analysis. Year comparisons. Data may be compared over many years with Degree-Day adjustment used on heating or cooling supplies.


Many types of comparisons: consumption per square meter, compared with occupancy, over years or carbon comparisons (for example emissions compared with flying).

Weather integration

Local weather analysis, included automatically generated degree day data.

Power efficiency

Investigate power quality by exploring power factors, reactive and apparent energy.

Base-load analysis

Use out-of-office reports and base-load analysis to find energy savings potentials.
A wide range of charts and reports will help you determine the base-load. You can create automatic reports that will notify you of any deviations from the base-load.

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