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Providing the Pathway to low energy buildings

Save energy

Save costs

Comply with legislation and meet CSR targets

Improve efficiency of energy management processes

Providing the Pathway to low energy buildings


ISO 50001


Behaviour Change



The need to meet compliance obligations must be dealt with as “Priority Number 1”.
Our tools and services simplify this task with the right functionality to collect the data and with the current reporting formats.

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ROI calculator

When the Finance Director asks for the performance of the energy reduction investments made in the past simply click on the “Calculate ROI" tool. There you have for all your projects a report on performance.

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Best Practice Energy Management

Plan-Do-Check-Act process for continually improved energy management - this is the heart of the ISO quality standards. The structure we have embedded in the tools results in great returns and a clear audit trail.

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Our experts will guide you through energy management projects as well as compliance processes.
We have been working with a number of well known clients. They are always ready to share their experience there our consultants are always able to add considerable value.

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