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Shopping Centres

I mplementing Best Practice Energy Management in Shopping Centres is well worth the effort.

The challenge is to access the right consumption data and this is achieved by retro-fitting sub-metering. Technically centralising the sub-meter data collection from equipment dispersed over such a large area can prove to be an expensive exercise.

The ecoMeshnet is a solution with provides a good fit as the radio mesh connected meters can be fitted quickly and at low cost and data centralised and connected to the Cloud via a single mobile data connection.

Visual Energy Displays are used to remind engineering staff of the overnight target base-load.

Alerts are sent out when power demand thresholds are exceeded so an investigation can take place.

Automated reports can be emailed to head office to show the combined performance of the complete portfolio of Centres without the need for manual manipulation of the data. This is an advantage for responding to compliance obligations such as ESOS and CRC.

Our clients consistently achieve >20% reduction through introducing tighter control of plant and lighting.