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Reasons to use a Building Energy Management System

Identify and explain excessive energy use

Draw energy consumption trends

Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy

Develop performance targets for energy management programs

Access reports for Compliance

Instead of chaos...

we bring structure.

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Automatic reports

We can produce a wide range of automatic reports, serving energy managers with monthly summary reports, or service personnel with performance data.

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Target setting

Our advanced target formulas helps you track deviations and follow up your energy savings programs. Baseline values can be manually or automatically set.

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Identify unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alerts. Alerts can be created for hardware failures, on spikes in data or if consumption is beyond any set target.

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Easy-to-digest graphs allow even non-technical people to identify trends and relationships in energy data.
The charts are adapted to the type of data and period.

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Our solutions are designed to be scalable and agile, equally serving a small business, a major corporation or a network of hundreds of organizations.

Cloud Service, One Platform

Keep it in the cloud with a single platform that is highly flexible and easy to use. Remotely monitor your buildings, establish benchmarking metrics, engage stakeholders and manage energy saving projects.

Multi-Site energy Management

Automatically pull together your data to seamlessly manage building, campus and estate performance.

Our cloud based Energy Managemenet Applications comes in many packages. Contact us and we will create a customer package to match your requirements.

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