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Building Sustainability work across a wide range of sectors
Including Commercial and Industrial Companies, Schools, Universities,
Hospitals, Public Authorities and Central Government departments.

Higher Education

The Workplace Footprint Tracker and the ecoMeshnet has been deployed in many Universities and has been successfully used to achieve >25% carbon emissions reductions in energy intensive buildings.

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Healthcare Facilities

The Workplace Footprint Tracker is used in both Acute and General Hospitals and other specialist healthcare facilities including Research Laboratories.

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Facilities Management

Building Sustainability provides many tools supporting energy management for clients.

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Shopping Centres

Implementing Best Practice Energy Management in Shopping Centres is well worth the effort.

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Data Centres

Building Sustainability’s own research highlighted a major shortcoming with in-house server room energy management as less than 30% of server rooms are actually monitored and even less are aware of the carbon and cost content of the energy they use.

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