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Facilities Management

F acilities Management and Energy Services Companies are increasingly entering into agreements with their clients which include exposure to energy management objectives including reduction targets. Furthermore the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is now being used to determine the value of payments from the client against a project.

Retrofitting of sub-meters is important in order to quantify the payments and the ability to baseline past performance is needed.

The Workplace Footprint Tracker is ideal for managing these agreements.

Automated reports can be emailed to the client to show the combined performance of the complete portfolio of buildings and individual projects without the need for manual manipulation of the data.

This is also an advantage when responding other obligations such as ESOS and CRC compliance reporting.

Visual Energy Displays are used to engage with all staff in order to achieve a ongoing reduction in the base-load.

Alerts are sent out when power demand thresholds are exceeded so an investigation can take place.