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With real time analysis,
you are notified of exceptional
consumption at the time of the event.

Intuitive dashboard

Real-time and historical energy consumption data

Providing a quick glance view of energy
and operational information

Energy Arena - Energy Management for everybody


Our easy to read charts will help you drill down to the consumption hot spots.

Connect Anything

Flexible resource data management, feeds from a very wide range of sources, including utility meters.

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Data types

Not just electricity; heat, steam, gas, water, waste disposal etc. We can also display sensor data like CO2 levels or temperature.

Advanced grouping

The data is grouped according to how it is consumed; workzones, climate or services. It is also possible to create hierarchies, user defined groups and formulas (virtual groups).
Data can also be grouped according to organisation boundaries or by tenants.

Data export

Raw data export to Excel, PDF and CSV. It is also possible to schedule automatically exports.

Different units / Different Periods

The data can be displayed as energy consumption, cost or carbon emissions. And the displayed period can be for a day, week, month or year.


Create your customised report with our report designer tool. These reports can be automatically emailed to energy managers or other stakeholders.

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