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Robust self-configuring radio mesh network
Proven in more than 150 buildings

Advanced smart metering

Without wiring

ecoMeshnet cost effective and
robust wireless data collection system
for monitoring electricity, gas, heat, water.

Our smart meters are easily deployed
across all sites to monitor individual assets.
Data is collected and stored in the cloud,
and monitored online.

Providing you and your management with complete visibility of your energy consumption.


Electricity Meters

Our wide range of electricity meters will make it easy to retrofit an advanced submetering solution. The ecoMeshnet offers MID approved Uillity grade meters which are popular with Landlords.

Existing meters / Utility Providers

We can addread almost any existing meter to the ecoMeshnet. Data from utility meters can be automatically imported into our data platform.

Building Management Systems

If you already have energy data collected in your Building Management Systems or Meter Server it can be automatically imported into the Workplace Footprint Tracker every half hour.

All kinds of data

You are not restricted to energy data, we can manage a wide range of data. It is for example possible to import data from waste management systems and occupancy monitoring systems. Please ask if you have any specific requirements (you can chat with us by clicking the tool in the bottom right corner).

Read more about our data management

Gas, water and heat meters

Our meshnet solution can also be used for new heat meters, but also gas and water meters.

Installation procedure

Our online installation process makes it possible to track meters from the planning phase (site surveys) through the installation and into the configured meter on the dashboard and asset register.


Use the ecoMeshnet to gather performance data on your investments in renewable energy.

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