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Introducing the Carbon Reduction Pathaway
Transforming Workplace energy waste into recurring profit.

Access an accredited Energy Manager without employing one

Monthly energy meetings oversee a program of project delivery

Fees are compensated only through savings

Carbon Reduction Pathway

Dedicated energy manager

Our Carbon Reduction Pathway helps overcome the “lack of in-house expertise” barrier.
We can help you realise a valuable yield on your historical annual energy expenditure by assigning an Energy Manager to work with you therefore avoiding the high costs and delays in recruiting a full-time energy manager.
BSL has experience on sites where 25% reductions have been achieved.
Prerequisite: an energy management system, such as the Workplace Footprint Tracker is in place and sufficient metering to account for at least 70% of of the total building load.
BSL Agree objectives with the client and prepares or updates the Energy Management Plan.

Itinerant Energy Manager

- Site surveys undertaken and Energy Conservation Measures identified.
- Quick win and low cost actions are identified.
- Business cases prepared for assets with large consumption.

Itinerant Energy Manager

- Assistance provided to arrange asset finance.
- Monthly meeting to review projects and performance.

Behaviour Change

- Engagement with building occupants to collect ideas and foster energy reduction culture.

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