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Know your building to reduce costs and emissions

Morgan Lovell, the specialist Workplace Design company, incorporate sustainability into everything they do. When reviewing their energy consumption prior to their 2012 ISO 5001 energy audit the improvement in their own office electricity use was stunning. Sophie Hutchinson, their sustainability manager, puts this down to the number 1 rule of energy management – KNOW YOUR
  • 9 Jan, 2012
  • Building Sustainability
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Simple ways to reduce school energy consumption

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, all schools should be able to quickly reduce their energy consumption by targeting their ventilation, heating and chiller controls as well as the school base load. Did you know that by reducing the temperature of the school by 1 degree C you can reduce your heating bill by
  • 23 Dec, 2011
  • Building Sustainability
  • Schools,
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Why should I connect my building to the Workplace Footprint Tracker service?

Connecting your building to the Workplace Tracker energy smart metering, display and management service will provide you with real-time information on when and where you are consuming valuable energy. Using this information you will be able to instantly quantify how much energy you are using when the building is unoccupied and very quickly identify what equipment
  • 21 Dec, 2011
  • Building Sustainability
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