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New Guide – Visual Energy Displays


New Guide – Visual Energy Displays

guide-front-graphicWe have created a new guide on the topic of Visual Energy Displays.

A Visual Energy Display is a digital signage feedback mechanism involving smart metering, data aggregation and public screens. Energy data is automatically captured from meters and submeters in a building. The data is processed, analysed and aggregated, typically in a Building Energy Management System, and finally presented on public screens as targeted messages.

The purpose of the guide is to build the case for incorporating a Visual Energy Display when defining a strategy for energy reduction and compliance in a Workplace.

The guide will present two main reasons to consider deploying a Visual Energy Display (VED) in your business. – Visualisation is an effective measure for achieving lasting energy demand reduction through behaviour change. – Visualisation is an effective measure for achieving best practice asset performance management leading to an improved return on investment for energy intensive assets – for example an investment in a combined heating and power plant.

The guide is made public at no charge, so make sure to download your copy by following this link.

  • 16 Nov, 2015
  • Building Sustainability