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Taking energy management to the desk


Taking energy management to the desk

Managing the energy from office desktop equipment is becoming increasingly important. According to the Carbon Trust office equipment accounts for 15% of energy use and is expected to reach 30% by 2020. To start looking at the office energy use is something every organisation should do. Especially considering that you can cut your office energy use by over 70% with little or no cost.

To make this possible you should use the following three strategies:

Optimise the use of your equipment

Make sure all equipment (pc’s, monitors, printers, desk lamps, phone chargers etc) is powered off during nights and weekends. All equipment consumes energy even in stand-by mode so make sure it is unplugged or powered off properly. This can be achieved with timers or energy-saving master/slave power sockets. Also make sure to use your printers in a more efficient way by printing in batches rather than one job at a time and to print double-sided and with lower resolution. Do also check that all desktop computers are have the power save option enabled to reduce energy wasted when computers are not in use.

Phase out energy guzzlers in your office

When you buy new equipment think about switching to laptops since they use only around 10% of the energy of a standard PC. And when upgrading your monitors consider buying OLED screens since they require 40% less power than their LCD equivalent. Also to consider when buying new computers is whether you really need the fastest processors, biggest monitors, heavyweight software packages or the most powerful sound or graphics cards.

Measure, monitor and visualize.

The importance of measuring and visualising energy use cannot be stressed too often. As put in this article “Visualization of energy and climate performance is an indispensable prerequisite to effective energy management”. With online tools like The Workplace Footprint Tracker the effect of energy savings initiatives can be monitored and followed up, awareness can be increased around the issue of saving energy and staff can be motivated to take simple energy saving measures.

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  • 9 Feb, 2012
  • Building Sustainability