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Drive green branding and behavioral change:
Increase energy accountability and green awareness
by making energy insights visible
to all stakeholders within the organization

We bring a behavioral science perspective to how energy is used.
We recognize that real energy savings occur when people
are directly connected with their energy use and
are motivated to make deliberate and tangible choices to save energy.

WFT uses dozens of specialised
behavior change strategies and techniques
including social proof, commitment setting, and prompts
that are proven to drive customer action

Behaviour Change

Digital Signage

With a Visual Energy Display (our signage solution) you will have an excellent communication platform for your behaviour change program.

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Use the blog tool to collect and manage information about behaviour change campaigns and savings projects.

Smartphone App

Footprint Tracker Mobile App is a tool that allow all building users to take an active role in the energy savings for a building.

League Tables

Sustainability Managers know that people love to compete! Our league table provides a proven feedback mechanism to foster energy reduction through behaviour change.

Talking building

Each customer has the possibility to attach a Twitter feed to their Footprint Tracker configuration. This feed can then be used for building energy related communications.

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Count Me In!

Behaviour change research has shown that once people make a promise, particularly to themselves, they tend to try to keep it. Count Me In! allows building occupants to publicly commit to a pledge

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Our Voice

Providing a hub of information and opinions is crucial in maintaining behaviour change. Our Voice allows you to display information in a clear, structured way. The tool also collects information and opinions from building occupants.

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